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Aloha and welcome to Island Heart Care, the Big Island's first provider of EECP Therapy. At Island Heart Care, it is our mission to improve the quality of life for those suffering with coronary heart disease, and return the people of hawaii to a more healthy and active lifestyle through EECP and education.

We'd like to commend you for exploring EECP Therapy and  taking the first step in restoring your cardiac health, without surgery. After exploring the webiste, please contact Island Heart Care for a personal telephone consultation with an EECP Therapist.



Dr. Ornish's Program for Reversing Heart Disease®

Now Available at Island Heart Care!




Check out Hawaii's first scientifically-proven program that reverses the progression of heart Disease - Dr. Ornish's Program for Reversing Heart Disease® (Ornish Reversal ProgramTM). Optimize four important areas of your life: how much you move, what you eat, how you manage stress, and how much love & support you have.  Click Here to learn more about the Ornish Reversal Program or by visiting www.Ornish.com/undo-it



“In the United States, more than seven million people suffer with angina or angina equivalent symptoms. Subsequently Hawaii County has the highest cardiovascular mortality rate in the state. Studies indicate that in 75-80% of patients EECP® therapy may reduce or eliminate the frequency and intensity of symptoms, decrease the need for medications and significantly improve the recipient’s quality of life.  After completing a course of EECP® therapy many patients are once again able to engage in an exercise program, actively participate in activities of daily living, enjoy social activities and these benefits last for over two years in a majority of patients”-   Armand Wohl, MD FACC Medical Director of Island Heart Care